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Courtney Wierenga Named May 2015 PACE Setter Student of the Month

Courtney was nominated for a number of reasons, including her work at the front desk, where she assists students, faculty, and staff; helping them locate information, as well as recommending classes for students to take. Additionally, she maintains student confidentiality and uses the computer systems to complete her daily work. If she has a question when working on homework, she contacts the instructor and if they are unavailable, spends time researching information to find the answer that best fits the needs for the class. Courtney is a friendly student/co-worker and epitomizes the PACE goals for every student.

Congratulations Courtney, on being the May 2015 Student of the Month. Enjoy the parking space!

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  • Heather Andersen   |  

    Congratulations Courtney!!

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