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Crystal Storhaug named September 2015 Student of the Month

Cheryl Hartman nominated the September 2015 PACE Setter Student of the month by writing:

This summer in American Literature class, students are assigned writing papers in which they have to do a literary critique each week, which involves taking a different critical approach each week to a work of literature read that week. Crystal’s analyses and ability to apply literary criticism to the works we are studying indicates her ability to think critically and to write clearly and decisively. She is a student who exemplifies the ability to critically think as she effectively is able to see a work of literature from various approaches and apply those approaches as a lens to study and discuss the work.

In addition, Crystal came to college after losing her husband at a very young age. In all the classes in which I have had her as a student, I’ve been impressed with her abilities to apply what she is learning academically to real-life situations.

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