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Elizabeth Kuach named October 2015 Student of the Month

When nominating the October 2015 Student of the Month, Cheryl Hartman wrote: “I have had Elizabeth in several classes. I consider her a critical thinker because of how she has managed so many things in her life. I first met Elizabeth at Kilian before 2003. She was a student in the old building on Phillips. She began as a student back then. Since then and after 5 children, she returned to school after several years away. She is persistent in her studies. She is able to martial her resources. She has connections to others that help her succeed. She takes advice from others when needed so she can make the best decisions possible. I know she is going through some personal transitions. She does this with a great deal of consideration and advice seeking.

Right now she is in my Statistics class. She asks for help when she needs it and makes sure she understands things. I consider this critical thinking—the ability to martial resources and apply them to the complexities of life.

Besides, Elizabeth is a gentle, warm human being, someone who exemplifies what the very best in people can be.”

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