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Commit to Complete Scholarship Winners Announced for Summer Semester 2015

The Kilian Community College Commit to Complete scholarship recognizes new degree-seeking students who attend at least part-time (6 credits). The award encourages degree completion by providing funding for students who attend and pass all of their classes during their first 24 credit hours at Kilian Community College.

The 2015 Summer Semester Scholarship winners include: 

Braenna  Behr
Cindy  Benitez
Khadka  Biswa
Jeffrey Dyce
Kayla Jorgensen
Akur  Kur
Jessica  Lorenzana
Cornell McBride
Georgia Mullinix
Jeffrey Nelson
Elizabeth Phillips
Melissa Pinion
Isaiah Rangel
Joshua Reinfeld
Mark Severson
Lori VanderWoude
Walter Weddell-Spirit Eagle
Melissa Weisser
Brandon Wichers

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