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Melissa Brummet Named January 2016 Student of the Month

Melissa was nominated by two Advisors. Rose Toering wrote “Melissa is taking business classes. This requires her to read through different documents and then make decisions about how to do homework assignments. I have seen her change over the last year. She works in the SSC almost every day. Where she used to ask lots of questions, she now does a lot of research before she will ask a question. She likes to rely on herself. She is growing up!

Her assignments require her to make judgments. She thinks about the right and wrong way of “doing business.” Although she doesn’t always get a correct answer in her homework, she wants to learn and know what she did wrong.”

Wendy Jansen wrote “She excelled as a team member in the final group project; she was able to communicate with all members; she was able to negotiate with professionalism the duties and responsibilities of each member; she contributed quality information and presented very well. She exhibited the entire PACE criteria with the final project. I just graded her final exam and she earned an A, which was difficult. Over the past two years, she has grown into a strong business professional. She is transferring to USF in their degree completion program in the fall 2016.”

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