Kilian Community College

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Because Kilian Community College is South Dakota’s only private, non-tribal community college, many people are not familiar with the concept of community colleges.

A community college traditionally offers certificates, diplomas and/or Associate’s degrees in several courses of study. At many community colleges, credits can be transferred to a four-year university for those students seeking a Bachelor’s degree.

Students who attend community college come from a variety of backgrounds and attend such schools for various reasons. Some high school students take courses, known as dual enrollment classes, at a community college to earn high school and college credit simultaneously. Other students are working adults who take classes to advance in a career or to change fields. A community college may offer specialized courses, such as personal enrichment classes for adults or summer educational camps for kids.

Established in 1977, Kilian is renowned for its small class sizes and personal attention given to students by experienced faculty and in our Student Success Center.

Kilian Community College